AThirtyEight was originally started by siblings Kirthi and Karthik Jayakumar in 2012. Quite simply, A38 is the abbreviated name of Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, which talks of the Sources of International Law. 

The idea, in a nutshell, was to fill the gaps that we ourselves encountered while at law school. Research in Public International Law, at least in India, remained confined to Malcolm Shaw, Antonio Cassesse, Ian Brownlie and Oppenheim for a long time. Resources weren’t easy to come by, and no matter what law school you went to, access to thinking and resources in public international law remained confined. What made that doubly unpalatable was the fact that one chanced upon very few academics in the field – some of whom didn’t quite think out of the box themselves. We wanted to create a space that would allow people to really delve into Public International Law, and explore the dynamics it brings to fore. 

A38 was an idea that tried to fill that gap. After a brief sojourn, it closed down in 2015, and has since been revived in 2017 by Sourya Banerjee, of Arguendo and LearnLaw fame. (Kirthi Jayakumar just lingers around for the cookies and stationery.)